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Last updated: 25 June, 2023
Expert travel writer: Alex Robinson

This hulking 842m-high granite monolith, Pedra da Gavea, towers above both Corcovado and Sugar Loaf; the 6-hour hike up through the wildlife-filled rainforests of the Tijuca National Park is ultimately rewarded with some of the best views in Rio.

Even in high season, you’ll share the experience with just a handful of other walkers. The catch is that it’s a half-day hike and a scary rope-secured scramble to the summit, making this a challenge solely for the vertigo-tolerant, fit, agile and wild at heart.

Climb in Rio lead a range of guided climbs up Pedra da Gavea for the more serious mountain climber.

Tijuca National Park

Rio de Janeiro , Southeastern Region, Brazil

Bucket List Experience
Dense forest greenery

Rio’s lush urban rainforest climbs over the mountains that surround the Christ statue and Atlantic beaches, affording some of the world’s most beautiful urban views. Excellent for hiking, biking and wildlife-spotting.

Best for ages 4+

Price: Free
Minimum age: 18
Age suitable: 18+
When: All year around
Duration: 6-8 hours

Getting there & doing it

The hike requires scaling an almost vertical wall of about 30m, so unless you’re an experienced climber, go with a guide/operator. Local hiking specialists offer daily full-day, 8-hour guided hikes to the summit of Pedra da Gavea. They’ll collect you from your accommodation.

If you’re going it alone (which is unadvisable), take a taxi to Estrada do Sorima, which leads to the entrance of the path (it’s not well marked, so you’ll have to look for it); if you’ve got a car, there’s parking here too. It takes 4-6 hours to reach the summit and return. Wear sturdy shoes with good grip, and take suncream and plenty of water.

When to do it

The trail is open all year round, but don’t attempt this when it’s raining heavily, as there is danger of landslides and the rock is obscured by dense cloud.

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Pedra da Gavea Guided Hiking tour

Rio de Janeiro

Pedra da Gavea Guided Hiking tour
Pedra da Gavea is one of the most famous rock formations of Rio de Janeiro and the most admired adventure in the city. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is the ideal hiking tour for those who enjoy lots of adventure and adrenaline. You will go to the summit of Pedra da Gavea, which is the biggest block of solid rock by the sea in the world. At the top of its 844 meters, you can see the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the Jockey Club, the Botafogo cove, the Aterro do Flamengo, the Sugar Loaf mountain, the Morro da Urca, the Pedra Bonita, the Corcovado - Christ  the Redeemer Statue and the other mountains of the Tijuca Forest and landmarks such as Guanabara Bay, Ipanema, Leblon, São Conrado, Barra Tijuca and the Serra dos Orgaos Region. This hiking tour takes place inside the Atlantic Rainforest, so you have great chances to encounter wild animals during the hike.

Price: R280

Min age: 14

Rating 4.69 / 5 [59 ratings]

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Pedra da Gávea | The best trail in Rio

Rio de Janeiro

Pedra da Gávea | The best trail in Rio
 One of the most coveted trails in Rio de Janeiro, Pedra da Gávea is imposing in all its form, and to absorb everything it offers, it is necessary to have a registered and experienced Tourism Guide in mountains and nature. »We will take the trail calmly and respecting the individual time of the people. »We will stop a few times for rest and hydration. »At first we will take a circular trail, climb on one side and descend on the other side for the best experience possible. »Before going up there will be a quick explanation to remember what was previously gone through messages. »The trail has an average of 6h30min, so it is important to have the support of a super experienced guide to help you in the most critical points. »The script may change according to the day and weather. But we will try to make the most of each place. »And of course, let's take a lot of fun and professional camera shots

Price: R300

Min age: 6

Rating 4.73 / 5 [42 ratings]

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Best Hike in Rio: The Pedra da Gavea Hike

Rio de Janeiro

Best Hike in Rio: The Pedra da Gavea Hike
Experience the rush of adventure on the exhilarating Pedra da Gávea hike, located inside the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro. This world-renowned monolith offers a one-of-a-kind experience, where you'll be surrounded by mysticism and awestruck by the stunning views. Don't miss out on this life-changing tour!

Price: R400

Min age: 7

Rating 4.97 / 5 [171 ratings]

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Rio de Janeiro

Southeastern Region, Brazil

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