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South America

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  • Machu Picchu

    Aguas Calientes, Cusco Region, Peru

    Bucket List Experience

    The Incas’ magnificent 15th-century mountaintop citadel sprawls across ten hectares of Peruvian cloud forest. Wayna Picchu, the cone-shaped mountain, rises imperiously behind.

    Best for ages: 13+ | £28

  • Hike the Inca Trail

    Cusco, Cusco Region, Peru

    Bucket List Experience

    A once-in-a-lifetime, 4- to 5-day hike through the Andes, retracing ancient trails, combines mountain vistas, cloud forest and subtropical jungle. The finale is incredible – the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu, rising from the misty mountains.

    Best for ages: 18+ | £377 | 4-5 days

  • Rio Carnival

    Rio de Janeiro , Southeastern Region, Brazil

    Bucket List Experience

    The world’s biggest party – a stadium parade with fabulous floats, music and sequinned samba dancers, and dozens of street parties and balls.

    Best for ages: 13+ | £10 | 5 days

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    A land of spectacular deserts, high mountains and rainforests that teem with wildlife, Peru is also home to an array of dramatically situated pre-Colombian ruins, including Machu Picchu.

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    Rio de Janeiro

    Southeastern Region, Brazil

    Heaven for healthy hedonists – hang glide, surf or hike by day, relax on the beach and party all night. Then, of course, there’s that carnival…

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    The Amazon

    Amazon, Peru

    Earth’s largest and most spectacular tropical wilderness is a landscape of huge waterfalls tumbling off table-top mountains, vast, coloured rivers, and fragrant cloud forests. All filled with astonishing, endemic wildlife.

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    Destination guide

    Galapagos Islands

    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    A visit here is a life-changing experience. You’ll see wildlife that exists nowhere else, from prehistoric-looking iguanas to penguins, blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises and sharks. Extraordinary wildlife encounters take place against a backdrop of ancient volcanoes, jagged lava rocks, cacti and beaches of powdery white.

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    Lima Region, Peru

    Peru’s capital, while not the most appealing of cities, does offer stately colonial architecture, fascinating museums of Peru’s empirical; history and world-class dining.

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    Cusco Region, Peru

    The heart of the old Inca empire has a wealth of Inca ruins, Spanish treasures and historic architecture to explore.

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    Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls, Brazil

    Two National Parks – one in Brazil, one in Argentina – created to protect an astonishing 3km-wide waterfalls in a vast area of protected rainforest. One of the world’s great natural wonders.