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Ever wanted to swim with dolphins, climb a volcano, or visit the world’s top art museums – but didn’t know the best place to go do it? Ever wanted to visit London, New York, Rome or Paris and wondered what you should do there, what’s not to be missed?

Bucket List Travels is a specialist travel inspiration site designed to simplify and speed up the currently painstaking process of researching where to go and what to do on your next trip.

We ask the world’s top travel writers to hand-pick and review the world’s greatest ‘bucket list’ travel experiences – currently over 2,000 and counting.

These curated, expert selections may then be searched and filtered, enabling you to quickly discover exceptional travel ideas to build your next trip around – or to add to your travel bucket list.

Our writers also recommend the best places to stay while you’re there, and for major destinations, destination guides and handy itineraries that include the top bucket list experiences.

Now there can be no excuse for a mediocre holiday…

Our goals

We hope that getting people to ‘bucket list’ travel, and experience the incredible wonders of the world, will:

  1. Make us all fight harder to protect the earth, and save it for our children
  2. Provide income to local people in poorer countries, incentivising them to protect Earth’s treasures
  3. Make us all more understanding and tolerant of others, and appreciative of what we have.

Here are 8 stand-out features of Bucket List Travels that we think you’ll love:

  1. Only the best travel experiences, curated and distilled by experts – no fakes, no bias
  2. Newspaper-grade writing by top journalists, plus over 25,000 stunning images
  3. An advanced search to quickly discover great bucket list travel experiences
  4. Filters to refine your search results down to your specific needs
  5. Save favourites to a ‘travel bucket list’
  6. Ready-made itineraries to quick start your trip planning
  7. Recommendations of who best to book with
  8. Round-ups of the ‘best of the best’ for ultimate travel inspiration

There are a million travel sites out there, but no other travel site (that I know of) offers all of these features in one, which together makes bucket list travel research so much easier and more enjoyable.

What we don’t do

The site doesn’t take bookings – we only recommend who to book with. We also don’t recommend flights or car hire – that’s just logistics, you don’t need an expert travel writer’s opinion.

We also don’t recommend restaurants – unless there is some unique experience involved. They change so quickly, we couldn’t keep up, and you’re better off asking your hotel or a specialist site like a local foodie blog.


At launch in November 2022, the site recommended over 1,100 ‘bucket list’ travel experiences, with over 900 recommendations of where to stay while you’re there doing it, and over 90 supporting destination guides.

The recommendations are mostly in the UK and Europe for now, but more content is being added each week, and over time, we hope to offer the same depth of coverage across the world.


The site is designed to be as simple and straightforward to use as possible, but there are plans one day to make it easier to create your own trip lists and itineraries – stay tuned! If you other suggestions, please let us know.

Our writers must specialise in the destinations or experiences they write about, and must write or have regularly written in the past, for the world’s top publications like Condé Nast Traveller, The Telegraph, The Times, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, and so on. Many of our writers have written the guidebook.

See a list of our writers and their impressive expertise here.