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What is a 'bucket list'?


A bucket list is a collection of goals, dreams, and aspirations that you hope to achieve or experience before you die. The term ‘bucket list’ is derived from the phrase ‘kick the bucket’, which is an English expression for dying.

A travel bucket list is your personal list of destinations and experiences you want to of visiting and accomplish in your lifetime.

How to make a travel bucket list


As you browse the site, anything that makes you go ‘wow’ – add it to your ‘travel bucket list’ by clicking the ‘ADD’ buttons.

Then next time you want to plan a bucket list trip, you’ll have inspired ideas ready at hand to plan around.

Our bucket list recommendations


Look for the orange ‘Bucket List’ labels to know what our writers say you absolutely must not miss. Everything else is a nice-to-do if you have the time or interest.

Together, we can make travel FOMO a thing of the past.

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Unlike other travel websites, you can search our recommendations and filter by your preference. It’s a huge time saver.

Want recommendations in a certain country or continent? That’s cultural or adrenaline-fuelled? Suitable for kids under 12? No problem – filter on it!

The 'How' & 'When'


When you land on a bucket list travel adventure, our writers then advise on when and how to do it, who to go with, & where to stay nearby.

Use their destination guides and simple itineraries to plan your trip.