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Rob Goss


Rob first came to Japan as an English teacher but has been making a living as a writer for the past 15 years.

His work has included spending time with farmers on the remote Oki Islands to learn about bull sumo for Roads & Kingdoms, looking into Okinawan longevity for National Geographic, and attempting to interview the cat that saved a Japanese railway for the BBC.

He’s also edited and updated roughly 20 books on Japan and written seven of his own, including Japanese Inns & Hot Springs and the 2018 NATJA Gold Awarding-winning Japan Traveler’s Companion.

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Rob came to Japan 20 years ago to teach English on a gap year, but a combination of Cupid’s arrow and an endless source of good stories and places to explore has kept him rooted here ever since.

As a writer, he loves to tell stories that go beyond the stereotyping and exoticizing of Japan – that open an authentic window into the country and hopefully show that while Japanese culture can feel so different, there’s a lot more that unites the Japanese with people from beyond their shores.

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