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Expert travel writer:

David Atkinson


David started working in magazines and moved into newspapers, going freelance early on and enjoying the independence of working at different publications between period of travel in Europe, Japan and South America.

He now works as a freelance journalist, author and tourist guide to Chester and North Wales. In recent years, you will find in his byline regularly in the Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, iNews and sometimes France Magazine. He writes mainly about UK travel from his home region.

He brings in-depth knowledge of his home region, and runs the newsletter, Hit the North, with travel news from Chester, Liverpool and North Wales amongst others.


David came into travel writing via magazines. After an early commission to Havana, Cuba, he realised that finding original story ideas could fuel his passion for travel and natural curiosity.

Chester-born David always knew his home region was full of interest but, in recent years, has switched increasingly to covering stories close to home. He now runs a local-travel newsletter and writes widely for publications about the Northwest, championing his local interest in food, culture, art and the great outdoors.

He lives in Chester with teenage daughters and combines his writing with the storytelling of themed tours around Chester and North Wales.

On the bucket list

Lockdowns taught David to really appreciate the region where he lives, with so much to celebrate right on the doorstep. He now finds himself on a constant quest to uncover the hidden gems of Northwest England and North Wales.