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Last updated: 24 June, 2023
Expert travel writer: Alex Robinson

Lima has two unmissable museums, the Museum of Art and the Larco; the Larco preserves one of the best collections of pre-Columbian and indigenous objects in Peru.

There are pieces from over 3,000 years of Peruvian history – from brilliantly-painted Moche ceramics to glittering Inca gold and intricately, hand-stitched textiles. This is the only museum anywhere to have an entire room of pre-Columbian erotica. These priceless pieces are kept in the vast, gleaming-white, fortified palace of the colonial viceroy; itself built over an ancient pyramid.

Price from: £7
Minimum age: Any
Age suitable: 18+
When: All year around

Getting there & doing it

The museum is in the central Pueblo Libre district, which is about 15 minutes by taxi from either Miraflores or San Isidro. There are no audio guides, but tour guides are on hand at the entrance.

The excellent bougainvillea-draped museum restaurant (Café del Museo) serves Peruvian staples and is popular, especially on weekends. Reserve a table when you arrive and it will be waiting for you when you emerge from the galleries.

When to do it

The museum is open all year round, Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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