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Iguazu Falls

  • Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Last updated: 07 April, 2024

Recently voted one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Iguazu Falls stretch for nearly 3km, emptying 46 million litres of water over an 80m drop every second.

Fringed by lush rainforest and often framed by rainbows rising from the mist, they are majestic – whether flowing in a single curtain – when the river is full or dropping over some 275 separate falls at low water.

The falls span the border between Argentina and Brazil and to see them in their full glory you should walk the extensive panoramic jungle trails on both sides and take one of the myriad adventure excursions on offer.

See them by boat

Boats leaving from both sides take you up close and personal to the same spot just in front of tiny San Martin island. This is close to the highest point of the Falls, but is not in the heart of the Devil’s Throat. Expect to get very wet. See our review here.

See them by helicopter

Helicopter tours offer both a thrilling ride and a bird’s eye view of the Falls. Helisul’s helicopters leave from a helipad opposite the Bird Park, outside the park entrance in Brazil. Flights range from 10 minutes to up to 35. Book a flight in advance in high season.

See them by bike

Igauzu Bike Tours offer bike tours of between 10 and 20km leave from the Visitors’ Centre at the park entrance in Brazil and include cycling through the national park – on trails and park rides, finishing at the trailhead for the paths around the falls themselves (which are pedestrian only). The bike tours offer a good chance of seeing wildlife – especially early morning or late afternoon.

Full Moon Tours

The waterfalls look spectacular under moonlight – falling in silver wisps against a monochrome forest, which sings with treefrogs and cicadas. Enjoy them self-guided by staying at the Belmond hotel on the Brazilian side, or on a three-and-a-half-hour full moon tour on the Argentinian side. These include the scenic train ride and a walk to the viewpoint over the Devil’s Throat (but not the lower trail). See the park website for information.


Price: Free
Minimum age: 0
Age suitable: 8+
When: All year around

Getting there & doing it

It’s a simple matter to get a taxi, a bus or to cycle from your hotel to the national park and the visitor centres on both sides of the Falls.

Argentina side

In the Argentinian park, there are two primary (and very easy) walking trails. A scenic railway brings you to the upper circuit and a spectacular viewpoint over the Devil’s Throat. The lower circuit runs around some of the lesser parts of the falls. Boats leave from the end of the lower circuit for the few-metres-hop to San Martin Island.

Brazil side

The Brazilian side offers the best views of the falls. This is where you’ll get those fabulous pictures – of the Devil’s Throat from below, and from the best viewpoints of the entire 3km-wide cascade. Further paths lead into the national park, which is wildest on the Brazilian side. Jaguars have recently been seen here.

Allow at least 4 hours for the Argentinean side and 2 hours for Brazil.

When to do it

Depending on rainfall, Iguazu ranges from a single 3km-wide cascade to a series of broken waterfalls.

It can rain anytime of the year. However, it’s generally drier in September to November. The weather is uncomfortably hot and humid from December to March with temperatures in the low 30s. The falls can be full or dry at any time but are generally fullest in April and May.

Avoid the very busy Christmas, New Year and Mardi Gras (Carnival) periods. Arrive at park gates at 8am (Argentina) or 8.30am (Brazil) to avoid tour groups and for the best light.

Who to go with: organised tours


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