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Last updated: 05 August, 2023

The West Bank at Luxor consists of the large, fertile Nile plain, backed by the Theban hills, home to the famous royal tombs and temples.

One novel and particularly enjoyable way to see it all is on horse or camel, riding through lush fields and bustling villages, past stunning ancient monuments towards the desert.

Tours offer horse, camel and donkey-back excursions from 1 hour to half day, depending on how far into the desert you want to go.

Price from: £10
Minimum age: Any
Age suitable: 13+
When: All year around
Duration: 1 hour - 1+ days

Getting there & doing it

Luxor Stables can arrange trips of an hour or several days, for an individual or a group, by prior arrangement. Call ahead to arrange a camel or horse.

Collection from your hotel is usually available on request, otherwise, from the East Bank, take the public ferry opposite the Luxor Temple.

When to do it

Trips are available every day, all year round, and can depart at any time from dawn to dusk by arrangement.

Morning is the best time to sightsee; sunset is great for a ride, with the light soft, temperatures lower, and villagers are bringing in their animals. Avoid the midday heat.

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Camel Riding Tours Luxor


Camel Riding Tours Luxor
The trip offers a unique opportunity to see the landscape of rural Egypt. You will see world famous monuments from the back of a camel. The slow and graceful movement of the camel is a relaxing way to travel. You will be lead by experienced guides at a slow pace and you will not need any previous experience of camel riding. You can choose the length and destination of your trip which can be from 1 - 5 hours. The trip will give you a real taste of Egyptian life and offers the opportunity to stop for refreshments on the way if you wish.

Price: $10

Min age: 4

Rating 4.66 / 5 [15 ratings]

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Camel or Horse ride on west bank


Camel or Horse ride on west bank
Admire the West Bank's pleasant scenery on the back of a donkey, horse, or camel during this 2-hour tour from Luxor. Choose your riding companion and set off through the area's banana plantations, date palm groves, and sugar cane. Get to know your animal and listen to historical and cultural commentary from your guide as you pass through verdant fields and charming villages. No riding experience is necessary; this excursion is suitable for riders of all skill levels. Pick-up included from select Luxor hotels is included.

Price: $19

Min age: 6

Rating 5 / 5 [14 ratings]

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