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North America

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  • Chichen Itza

    Piste, Yucatan, Mexico

    Bucket List Experience

    The most iconic of Mexico’s mystical pre-Hispanic Mayan ruins, whose oldest structures date back to the 5th century. See the Castillo pyramid, the Temple of a Thousand Warriors, and exquisitely carved palaces.

    Best for ages: 8+ | £20

  • Swim with wild crocodiles on the Mayan Riviera

    Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Bucket List Experience

    Swim (cage-free) with American crocodiles in glassy-clear water in a pristine biosphere reserve on these 3-day adventures. Crocs aside, this wreck-scattered atoll teems with sea life – so superb diving and snorkelling too.

    Best for ages: 16+ | £850 | 3 days

  • White-water rafting through the Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States of America (USA)

    Bucket List Experience

    One of the world’s greatest white-water rafting adventures on the Colorado River, 160 rapids through 280 miles of the incomparable Grand Canyon. One- to 21-day trips available, of varying grades.

    Best for ages: 8+ | £350 | 1-21 days

  • Statue of Liberty (and Ellis Island)

    New York, United States of America (USA)

    Bucket List Experience

    The 151ft high, iconic statue that symbolises New York City and embodies American values of freedom and opportunity, and an evocative museum explaining the extraordinary 19th-century mass immigrations.

    Best for ages: 4+ | £22

  • 88534

    New York City

    New York, United States of America (USA)

    The ‘city that never sleeps’ is a 24/7 thrill of soaring skyscrapers, jaw-dropping architecture, dynamic culture and world-class art, dining and performing arts scenes.

  • 93412

    Grand Canyon National Park

    Arizona, United States of America (USA)

    One of the world’s great natural wonders and unsurpassed geological phenomenon – a 277-mile long, 1-mile-deep gorge carved into the Arizona bedrock over billions of years by the Colorado River.

  • Niagara Falls Waterfall

    Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

    Bucket List Experience

    The world’s second-largest waterfall is a jaw-dropping display of nature’s power, best experienced by boat, helicopter and through secret tunnels.

    Best for ages: 4+ | Free

  • 97472

    Mayan Riviera


    Talc-white beaches, reefs teeming with life, ruined temples in misty rainforests – the Riviera Maya offers a family or romantic beach holiday with a dash of Indian Jones adventure.

  • 98313

    Los Angeles

    California, United States of America (USA)

    The bright lights of Tinseltown are home to surfer-filled beaches, glorious mountain hikes, glitz and glamour in spades and year-round sunshine.