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Last updated: 26 June, 2023

Berlin was at the centre of the World Wars and the Cold War – making it a critical operating ground for spies. This intriguing museum delves into that secretive world of espionage, exploring the history, techniques, and gadgets used in intelligence and counterintelligence operations throughout the years.

Visitors can learn about famous spies, espionage tactics, and real-life espionage stories. The museum also provides hands-on experiences, allowing visitors to try their hand at codebreaking, a laser maze, lie-detecting tests and an assortment of sneaky spy equipment.

Price from: £8
Minimum age: Any
Age suitable: 8+
When: All year around

When to do it

The museum is open all year round, seven days a week.

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Europe’s hippest capital boasts non-stop nightlife, cutting-edge fashion, cosmopolitan eats and museum treasures galore. At the centre of the World and Cold Wars, it also oozes history, much of it sobering.