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Last updated: 26 June, 2023
Expert travel writer: Lee Cobaj

Chinese Opera, an art form known as Xiqu, has been an integral part of traditional Chinese culture for two centuries. A uniquely Chinese combines elaborate costume, singing and dancing, it was apparently started in 1790 when the ‘Four Great Anhui Troupes’ went to perform for the Imperial Court in Beijing.

The landmark Xiqu Theatre in West Kowloon, dedicated to the art form, has made Chinese opera a lot more accessible to visitors. Performances, in Chinese, traditionally last for four hours; however, if that’s too daunting, the centre offers a shorter 90-minute version – with dim sum – in the Tea House. It’s specially designed to introduce new audiences to Cantonese opera.


Price from: £25
Minimum age: Any
Age suitable: 18+
Frequency: weekly
When: Select dates
Duration: 1 or 4 hours

When to do it

The full-scale productions are held on specific dates. The shortened Tea House versions are held on Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons (around 3pm).

See the website for what’s on when and to buy tickets.

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