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Barcelona’s waterfront [walk, cycle & rollerblade]

  • Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Last updated: 06 February, 2024

Barcelona’s waterfront is two-mile sweep of sandy beaches, esplanades, boardwalks and marinas, seafood eateries, trendy clubs, and chilled-out cafés. Amongst locals, it’s a popular spot for a walk, cycling or rollerblading; start facing the sea at the Christopher Columbus statue on Las Ramblas, then head left.

Watch for world-renowned public sculpture along the way, including Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Barcelona Head’ and Frank Gehry’s ‘Flying Fish’.


Price: Free
Minimum age: 0
Age suitable: 0+
When: All year around
Duration: Any

Getting there & doing it

If you’re exercising, it’s crowded and very hot in July and August, so go early. Mornings are fantastic; locals sleep late, so you’ll have it to yourself. Go at dusk for beachside sundowners in trendy bars. If you want to cycle, there are hire shops all over the city, or alternatively, Bike Rental Barcelona delivers bikes to the place of your choice.

Who to go with: tour operators


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Bike Rental Barcelona

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