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  • Tower of London

    London, United Kingdom (UK)

    Bucket List Experience

    The world’s most notorious medieval fortress, rich in gruesome history dating back to the 11th century. Now home to the Crown Jewels and the enigmatic, colourful Beefeaters.

    Best for ages: 4+ | £25

  • 27015


    Greater London, United Kingdom (UK)

    World-class culture, fashion, music, food and history – and a mind-boggling array of bucket list experiences – packed into one extraordinary, incomparable destination. 

  • Stonehenge

    Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom (UK)

    Bucket List Experience

    Britain’s most famous historic site, this iconic stone circle dating back to 2,500 BC offers a unique glimpse into the lives of our Neolithic ancestors.

    Best for ages: 4+ | £22

  • 26626


    Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (UK)

    One of Britain’s most beautiful and historic cities, graced by heartstopping architecture and home to the world’s second-oldest university.

  • 23594


    East Sussex, United Kingdom (UK)

    An iconic seaside resort, Brighton oozes a unique mix of bohemian style and beachy chic, all wrapped up in an irrepressible sense of fun.

  • 26595


    Cambridgeshire , United Kingdom (UK)

    A picturesque, charming city steeped in learning, architecture and history. It’s home to two world-class art museums and one of the world’s oldest and most famous universities.

  • 35683

    The Cotswolds

    The Cotswolds, United Kingdom (UK)

    One of England’s most beautiful regions – a patchwork landscape of idyllic countryside, postcard-perfect villages and cosy historic boutique hotels.

  • 69829


    Merseyside, United Kingdom (UK)

    Home of the world’s most successful ever-band and one of the world’s top football clubs, the reborn city is also a cultural powerhouse, with top-notch museums, rich maritime heritage and cultural events galore.

  • 69862

    Lake District

    Cumbria, United Kingdom (UK)

    Imposing mountains, wild landscapes, tranquil lakes and picturesque towns combine to make the Lake District uniquely beautiful, and one of the best places in Britain for walking, climbing, boating and biking.

  • 103726


    Cornwall, United Kingdom (UK)

    A region of craggy cliffs, sheltered creeks, glorious sandy beaches and quintessential villages – rich in local life, pagan legend and delicious, locally-made food and drink.