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International Museum of Naive Art

Last updated: 15 March, 2024

Located in the pink mansion built by the perfume baron Francois Coty, this art museum is one of Nice’s secret delights, filled with paintings in the ‘Naive’ style, dating from the 18th century up to the present.

‘Naive’ art is defined as ‘simple, unaffected and unsophisticated’ and usually specifically refers to art made by artists who have had no formal training in an art school or academy.

There are over 600 works from 27 countries – colourful, nature and rural-inspired scenes from the likes of Henri Rousseau (a renowned French Post-Impressionist artist discovered by Picasso), Douanier Rousseau, Grandma Moses, Rimpart and Bauchant.


Price from: £5
Minimum age: Any
Age suitable: 18+
When: All year around

Getting there & doing it

The museum is in the Fabron residential district, the other end of the bay from Nice’s Old Town and major sights. It’s around a 15-minute drive or taxi, or an hour’s walk along the waterfront. Allow around two hours for your visit.

When to do it

The museum is open all year round, Wednesday to Monday. Closed Tuesdays.

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